Message from the Inspector General

With much gratitude, the Baltimore City Office of the Inspector General (OIG) presents its second independent Annual Report to the citizens and employees of Baltimore City. The OIG has been an independent office within the City government since November 7, 2018, when voters overwhelmingly mandated its independence. The Office is best described as a nonpartisan arbiter of truth that promotes efficiency in government programs.

This past year has been another productive year for the OIG. Again, City employees and members of the public have made the greatest impact on our cases. The growth of the hotline has allowed the public and employees to play an integral role in fighting financial waste and corruption in our fine City. Teamwork with other law enforcement agencies has proven to be an integral part of the success of this office. We appreciate the partnership with the Maryland Office of the State Prosecutor, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Labor, Internal Revenue Service, Office of the U.S. Attorneys, and many more. 

Often, it felt as if the Office faced insurmountable obstacles; however, like the flower pictured on the front of this Annual Report, we have managed to break through with investigations and reports that have made a difference to our City. There is still a long way to go, but you have my sincere promise that the OIG will continue to move forward with its mission to provide the citizens of Baltimore City with accountability and transparency. 

Much appreciation must go to my tireless team.  Since each must have the ability to blend into any situation, they are relegated to anonymity by necessity.  They are the reason for the success of the OIG.  They are a diverse and highly trained group of investigators who believe in uncovering the truth and relaying the facts to citizens.  They represent the best of our City.

The OIG team is proud of its accomplishments in 2020, with documented savings of almost three million dollars, the establishment of an Ethics Program within the Office, and the roll-out of the Whistleblower program. As stated in our report last year, the Inspector General is the “People’s Investigator.” Our Office has an unwavering commitment to helping Baltimore City and its people. We work diligently to provide citizens and employees an avenue to successfully fight financial fraud, waste, and abuse in our government.  

With sincere gratitude,

Isabel Mercedes Cumming

Inspector General FY20