Employment Opportunities

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The Office of the Inspector General is currently accepting applications for the Deputy Inspector General of Investigations position. Please follow the link below for each respective position to submit your application. 


Special Agent

Serves on an investigative team involved in conducting confidential internal reviews, investigations, and evaluations of administrative, security, fiscal, legal, and city government internal policies, systems, and procedures involving matters of conflict of interest, mismanagement, embezzlement, contract fraud, workers compensation fraud, employee misconduct, identity theft, property and information theft, drug abuse, and related incidences. Confers with and reviews the collection, compilation, organization, and analysis of data by Deputy Inspector General pertaining to case investigations and discoveries and related matters; ensures investigations are conducted according to professional standards issued by the Inspector General and the Association of Inspector Generals. May conduct physical and electronic surveillance insensitive or high-profile cases. Issues subpoenas and administers oaths to individuals prior to interviews to ascertain and validate case facts; conducts interviews with pertinent individuals. Testifies as an expert witness before the Grand Jury on case facts and findings. Maintains liaison and confers with local, state, and federal law enforcement, credit and financial agencies, and officials to coordinate work efforts and joint investigations, prevent duplication of work, and compromise case strategies. Performs special and highly confidential projects as directed by the Deputy Inspector General. For more information or to apply, submit your application.


Internship (Summer 2022)

Works with Special Agents to conduct confidential internal reviews, investigations, and evaluations. Supports Special Agents to prepare preliminary investigative reports, confidential studies, briefs, position papers, legal documents, correspondence, and reports. For more information or to apply, submit your application.