Advisory Board Membership


Position Member Name District  Term Started
Dean  Renée McDonald Hutchins N/A N/A
Dean  Ronald Weich  N/A N/A
Chairperson Gayle Guilford  11 February 27, 2023
Certified Public Accountant  James Godey 11 February 27, 2023
Certified Fraud Examiner  Raymond White  10 February 27, 2023
Member Brittany Banks 10 February 27, 2023
Member Gary Williams  2 February 27, 2023
Member  Lauren Williams  14 February 27, 2023
Member  Michael Dowd 3 February 27, 2023
Member Nicole Brehon 6 February 27, 2023
Member  Ralph Salvador- Brisueno 8 February 27, 2023


Term of members

1. The terms of the members of the Advisory Board must be staggered and may not be coterminous with the Mayor's term of office.

2. Of the initial 11 appointments to the Advisory Board:

(i) the members appointed pursuant to paragraphs (2)(v), and (3) of Subsection (f) of Baltimore City Charter, Article X, must each serves a term of 3 years (considered a full term).

  • Member nominees from City Council districts 9 and 10.
  • The remaining members must each serve a term of 4 years

3. After the initial terms of the Advisory Board members have expired, a member of the advisory board shall serve a term of 4 years.

4. No member of the Advisory Board may serve more than 2 consecutive full terms.

Advisory Board Meetings

  1. First Meeting- April 18, 2023 (video)
  2. Second Meeting- May 22, 2023 

Advisory Board Proposals 

  1. Creating a new budget service number